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Let's Debloat- Post Thanksgiving Day Detox

Has Thanksgiving left you sluggish and overly stuff? High consumption of sweets and carbs can leave your digestion system struggling. We all know that feeling of feeling bloated, constipated, and all around tired. We have 5 easy ways to help your body cleanse without feeling that post feast regret. 1. Increase your water consumption    Having water first thing in the morning helps wake up our digestive system and flush out our liver. Don't like water alone? add lemon! Not only will lemon give your water flavor but it will also help increase it PH and alkalize your body. Make sure to make it a goal of consuming enough water during the day.   2. Get moving                                                                                                 Not only will a good workout help boast our mood, but moving our body does wonders for a sluggish digestive system. Exercise increases blood flow to our muscles causing the food to move more quickly in our digestive tract. Plus who wants to eat a bad meal after a good sweat sesh??,   3. Cut out sugar, dairy, and processed foods                                              This inflammatory trio is not only addictive but can cause chronic health issues such as insulin resistance and weaken immune system. It may be very hard to cut out all together but start out small. Start with reducing the amount and swapping out inflammatory foods for whole foods. Examples: fruits for sugar or candy, air fried potato chips made with olive oil instead of store bought chips, and plant based milks instead of dairy milk. 4. Get some rest                                                                                              We tend to underestimate this one but it is crucial to the repair of our body. It strengthens our immune system and improves our concentration. Sleep is as important as eating well. As we sleep our body produce the hormones melatonin and prolactin which improve good  bacteria in the intestines and help digestion. 5. Eat your fruits and vegetables!                                                             Eating fruits and veggies provide anti-inflammatory properties, vitamins, and minerals that we lack in a lot of foods. Consuming high amounts of fruits and vegetables help alkalize your body and thus reducing inflammation.  If you are not up to chomping on large quantities of fruits and veggies a Juice cleanse or Detox can help make that easier for you. As large quantities of fruit and veggies are needed to make a small batch.  Our juice cleanses are created with all the fruits and veggies needed to help improve your digestion. Not only will you help you stomach rest and debloat but you will alkalize your body and help it reduce inflammation. We offer a variety of cleanses and health packs for beginners to experience cleansers. Let us help you cut out the mess of juicing and get back to feeling nourished and vibrant!